Marijuana and sex. You may not guess it, but they go together like marijuana and pizza. Doctors that specialize in medical marijuana are beginning to notice a surprising side effect from a light buzz. Patients that are prescribed marijuana for pain management, anxiety or other chronic conditions, are reporting that it’s helping in the bedroom too!

“We’ve known for a while, at least anecdotally, that cannabis can enhance the sexual experiences of women,” says Jordan Tishler, M.D., a Harvard-trained physician who now runs a cannabis clinic in Boston. But more recent findings from surveys show that both women and men had seen a boost in their sex life after taking marijuana.

What’s unusual is that traditional medicine literature does not back this; most of the studies on marijuana and sex (for males) say that it can cause problems in the bedroom for men.

But doctors that work with cannabis in the field disagree. They say that this traditional literature is completely out of date and new research needs to be conducted – the only problem is that academic research relies on federal grants (reminder that federal law prohibits marijuana), so it may be quite awhile until we can conduct more research on medical marijuana.

But in the meantime, some doctors will continue prescribing cannabis as a treatment for men suffering from lack of desire, erectile dysfunction and difficulty reaching orgasm. Even if it’s only making them feel more relaxed, that makes it easier for them to enjoy sex.

And even if it doesn’t work for you, cannabis might boost your lady friend’s sex life. Cannabis really enhances a woman’s sexual experience, and can make them feel more aroused.

increasing female arrousal

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