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Oregon Cannabis Industry

Oregon is Going to Lead the Nation in Cannabis

What Does Marijuana Legalization Look Like In Oregon?

A Closer Look

Business Is Booming in Colorado

Colorado Marijuana Industry Stats and Business Booming with Big Data 4-20 Numbers

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Does Marijuana Really Make You More Creative?

Creativity is a mindset. So those that say creativity is a gene that is passed down, and those born with an analytical mind aren’t capable of creative thinking are wrong. Anyone has the capacity to think creatively – to turn the ordinary into extraordinary... read more

Marijuana in the Body and Brain

We are all familiar with the concept and affects of being high. But what many people don’t know is why we feel that way. How does marijuana make you feel high? What is the science behind feeling this way? And does medical marijuana work the same way? Here, we... read more

Research on Cannabis as Melanoma Treatment

A country with the highest rates of skin cancer in the world is beginning to explore using cannabis to treat melanoma. Researchers at the University of Canberra of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will soon be collaborating with a pharmaceutical company to test... read more

Corporate Cannaphobia

Although Corporate America seems to be warming up to the cannabis industry, corporate cannaphobia has not yet vanished. Despite the grand economic opportunity of the cannabis industry, many other industries and companies are shunning cannabis. This is especially the... read more

Review of What Medical Marijuana is Used For

Doctors are allowed to prescribe marijuana to their patients in 25 states now. Others still use marijuana for its medicinal effects. But due to the limited research on medical marijuana, many still wonder, and still don’t know what all medical cannabis can help... read more

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