Oregon’s Growing Marijuana Industry

“Oregon is going to lead the nation in cannabis.”


Oregon Marijuana Stats

Retailers sold more than $11 million of marijuana during Oregon’s first week of legal recreational sales, outpacing the early business done in other states that have legalized pot, according to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association.



Dispensary Business Not Booming?

Two months after Oregon legalization, pot saturation sends profits up in smoke. After the state’s legalization of recreational cannabis, over-saturation and shaky business plans mean that for some dispensaries business is not booming…



How Oregon’s Rollout of Legal Marijuana is Different

The sale of legal recreational marijuana began in Oregon Thursday, and there are several new wrinkles in how the state is regulating the industry.

Oregon is the third state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, following Colorado and Washington, and its rollout is unique. Even though state officials are still working out the full battery of regulations – which are not expected before the end of 2016 – consumers can start buying marijuana now.



How Statewide Marijuana Legalization In Oregon Is Not Statewide

Fifty-six percent of voters statewide in 2014 decided to pass marijuana legalization in Oregon. That’s the greatest statewide support for legalization of the four states that have passed it…