It seems that Colorado’s potential to be the Napa Valley of cannabis is not too far away. According to a recent Colorado Tourism Office survey 48 percent of tourism in 2015 was largely influenced by legal recreational pot. With an estimated $2.6 billion in tourism made this past summer, Colorado is helping to blaze a trail for the legal marijuana industry.

My420Tours is just one example of a thriving cannabis tourism business. Danny Schaefer of My420Tours hosts 120 to 200 visitors a week. Visitors get picked up by a luxurious Canna-bus and are brought to Denver’s top cannabis dispensaries, a marijuana grow facility, state of the art glass shop, and then end the tour with lunch.


Newly appointed tourism office chief Cathy Ritter recently said that legal cannabis is “a great topic for discussion and a great topic for more research”. What is most exciting is legal recreational sales only began on Jan. 1, 2014. In just one year Colorado has seen exponential growth and is helping to validate the industry as other states work towards legalization. Other states, including Oregon and Washington, have an amazing opportunity to fully embrace the industry and follow in Colorado’s foot steps.