There is no doubt that there is a rising interest in cannabis among women of all ages. Businesses are beginning to catch on to this, and orient their business strategies around women. Therefore, they are starting to pay attention to is what is this new marketing demanding? What does a female-friendly environment look like? What strains do women like – if any in particular?

According to Leafly, the top ten strands that women are looking at are basically the same the men are; they’re pretty much the top, overall. But it gets interesting when we consider the specific strain varieties that women are looking at.

For example, women are interested in sativa strains, as only two on the chart are indica strands. Even the hybrids offer a pattern of euphoric, happy, and uplifting commonalities, suggesting these effects are desirable among female consumers.

They are also looking at high CBD content strands. Women turn to cannabis to help treat a variety of diseases or symptoms including menopause, menstrual cramps, anorexia, anxiety, breast cancer, and PMS. These high-CBD strains can offer pain relief for a lot of the ailments and discomforts that women experience.

As previously mentioned, this combination of CBD and uplifting strains commonly mitigate anxiety. Considering women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men, you can see why strains that help alleviate these feelings would be especially appealing to females.

As far as flavor goes, women like the sweet, fruity flavors. Women have a better sense of taste than men (and no, this isn’t a dig at bro tanks and board shorts). Therefore it makes sens that the strains women are digging have a distinctively sweet, fruity taste to them.

So what strains do women want? According to our data, it’s high-CBD strains and uplifting sativas and hybrids that deliver anti-anxiety effects and taste damn good.

Women could very well be a major contributing factor to ending cannabis prohibition, so make sure your inventory is ready for our discerning tastes.