Cannabis can often be used as a sleep aid, even for people with the most stubborn insomnia. While many know that the use of marijuana often can help with a good night’s sleep, there is much more to the relationship than you may think.

Here are 10 things to know about cannabis andĀ its relationship with sleep:

  1. Indica strains tend to be better sleep aids
  2. Marijuana use can help you fall asleep faster
  3. Dry, aged cannabis can make you more tired
  4. CBD and THC affect sleep in different ways
  5. Pairing cannabis with a natural sleep aid can maximize the effects
  6. Nighttime cannabis use may cause a mild “hangover”
  7. Cannabis inhibits REM sleep and dreaming
  8. Marijuana may help to promote better breathing
  9. A halt in long-term use may actually worsen sleep
  10. Using marijuana before the age of 15 could cause sleep problems down the road