It has been announced that federal authorities are reviewing the possibility of loosening the current classification of marijuana, which has the potential to significantly impact how the substance is used in medical settings, among outside recreational use.

Since marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug, it has extremely strict limitations. Schedule I drugs include substances such as heroin and LSD, and are considered among the “most dangerous drugs”.

DEA Cannabis

The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking into the possibility of reclassifying cannabis as a Schedule II drug, which would put it in the same category as Ritalin, Adderal and oxycodone. This loosening of restrictions could allow for much more research in the field to determine which components can be of help medically speaking.

For prescription drugs to get approved in today’s age, they require rigorous scientific studies. For cannabinoid-based medical products to become approved, they must require that same amount of broadened studies.

Outside of the possibilities for extensive research, labeling marijuana as a Schedule II drug would open the doors for a number of businesses across the nation.