After a trip to Colorado, the reporters who write for USA Today came to these conclusions:

1. Staggering stoners on city streets. Almost certainly they’re around, somewhere, but on four days earlier this month in Denver, they stayed inside.

2. People smoking marijuana in public. It’s illegal, just like smoking tobacco in public.

3. That certain skunky smell. Unless you’re inside a marijuana store, Colorado smelled like mountain air — and car exhaust — but mainly mountain air. Inside a store, though, was chaos on the olfactory nerves. At Medicine Man, a retail store and medical marijuana dispensary here, massive air cleaners prevent the aroma of flowering marijuana from escaping outside.

4. Impaired drivers, except for the people who held cellphones to their ears. A 70-mile trip to Colorado Springs on Interstate 25 revealed a surprising number of drivers who obeyed the speed limit, which was 75 mph.

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