Bill Blair,┬áthe Canadian Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety, recently spoke about the government’s strategic plan for legalizing marijuana. Many countries are opting in to marijuana legalization either for medical or recreational purposes, but before the laws come into action, they must present their reasoning and viable game plan.

Blair believes that this legalization will help to achieve each of the following:

1.) Prevent Canadians from entering into the criminal justice system for minor and nonviolent marijuana possession charges

2.) Reduce significant criminal justice expenses associated with arresting and prosecuting nonviolent marijuana possession charges

3.) Protect public health and safety by reevaluating and strengthening laws around those who provide marijuana to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana, and those who sell the drug outside of the regulatory framework

4.) Establish a strict system for sales and distribution

5.) Garner research to reduce the harms associated with marijuana use

6.) Provide access to medical marijuana for those in need

7.) Ensure safe and responsible production and packaging

The Canadian government is hoping that strict regulation will replace the criminal sanction association with marijuana use to protect and keep their communities safe.