Although the media and rapid growth may make the marijuana industry appear more glamorous at times, many of these marijuana businesses are facing issues just like everyone else.

Some dispensaries are running out of cannabis with the influx of demand, forcing customers to drive to the next closest shop which could be hours away. Others are battling mold and other fungus in their crop, similar to problems any plant grower might have.

Outside of a variety of internal issues with dispensaries, patients of the product are voicing their difficulties with the state’s online registration system.

Each state continues to change its laws around marijuana, but the issue between supply and demand of the plant can also be partially attributed to the lack of dispensaries in some states. While four dispensaries may be better than nothing to start, it has created an issue of availability for the patients that need to product fast.

Patient demand has continued to steadily grow in states that have legalized medical marijuana, but the businesses need to keep up with supply and business growth to match this demand. Operational changes and long-term strategic planning are in the plans to help the businesses that are finding it hard to keep up with the growing market.