Washington has some new rules for electronic cigarettes.

One of the goals behind the new laws are to discourage others (especially teenagers) from using e-cigarettes and other devices to vape marijuana in public places.

The Washington marijuana law does not allow people to consume, smoke or vape marijuana products in public. But state officials say handheld vaporizers can be used to circumvent the law without people noticing.

It’s also a way for teenagers to consume weed discreetly, which remains illegal illegal (21 and up). It is difficult to tell what teens are smoking when they use vape pens. For this reason, if the new rules are signed into law, then e-cigarettes and vape pens cannot be used in schools, elevators and day cares.

the law will also allow local health boards to ban all public vaping indoors, and any outdoor areas where children congregate.

The law also allows authorities to confiscate vapor products from minors, and issue citations to minors who illegally possess e-cigarettes and vape pens. As of now, only retailers who sell the products to minors can be penalized under state law.

Again, the goal of this law is to reduce the likelihood that teens will use vape pens to sneak marijuana. However, this law does not prevent them from doing so in the house.