They aren’t the same. They don’t all make sense, The folks at NORML have pulled together a detailed breakdown of marijuana laws in each state and the District of Columbia, as well as the federal government as a whole.

For this post, we’ve drawn from NORML’s graphics and resources to highlight the rules in the seven states that border Colorado. As you’ll see, punishments vary widely, but maximum potential penalties for sales, in particular, are enormous in many places, even for small amounts of cannabis.

For example, Wyoming which borders Colorado (the home of legal marijuana) has laws:

Under Influence: If you are under the influence of marijuana in Wyoming, you could spend six months in jail.

Possession: Possessing less than three ounces of cannabis  (a joint would qualify) can result in a one-year sentence.

Dealing: And sell any amount of marijuana and a judge could put you away for a decade.