Although Ohio rejected a proposal to legalize marijuana back in November, it did not stop measures that move the state closer towards decriminalization and eventual legalization of the plant. Marijuana Policy Project recently unveiled details about Ohio’s newest medical marijuana amendment.

The new amendment will allow patients with medical conditions to apply for a medical marijuana ID card. The state would license businesses to grow, process, test, distribute and sell medical marijuana, and sales tax would be applied. License fees and tax revenues would pay for the program’s administrative costs.


“The retail price in Ohio will inevitably be slightly lower than in other states, because the Ohio initiative won’t impose large taxes or bureaucratic hurdles that would translate into higher prices,” President Rob Kampia co-founder and executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project “Also, the Ohio initiative will embrace a healthy, free-market approach to the production of medical marijuana, which will drive down the cost as compared to, say, an oligopoly or a government-run monopoly.”