Many states that either have not seen any form of marijuana legalization, or have only seen marijuana become legalized for medicinal purposes are beginning to feel the pressures and restrictions similar to those of the 1920’s prohibition.

One of the biggest lessons that the prohibition has taught us is that we need effective regulations. Similar to the prohibition, right now there is always some place to get weed- it just may not be actively watched by the government. The problem that comes with this is, without these regulations, you may not entirely know what is in the marijuana you are buying.

Regulation then becomes a framework to support the market, not hurt it.

Some are even saying that “legalizing weed will be just like ending the prohibition”.

The current prohibition of marijuana in the non-legalized states also creates a similar black market as the 1920’s prohibition on alcohol, leading to drug trades and violence.

Now, whether the effects of marijuana and alcohol legalization will be the same can only be determined by time.