23 states have already legalized medical marijuana and many states are planning to legalize recreational use in 2016, but Facebook is still not friendly with the topic. Three dispensaries in New Jersey recently had their Facebook pages deleted and many others across the country have faced similar situations.

“It seems high-handed to simply shut down important resources for sick patients without even saying why or giving organizations a way to ask for reconsideration,” said Peter Rosenfeld, one of the registered patients in the NJ state program. “What better use of a social media than having sites where parents of sick children can ask questions about medication and treatments?”

In an email, the Facebook media relations declined to comment or answer. When the dispensaries tried to use their home page, they simply found an electronic message that said: “We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use.”

According to Facebook’s advertising policies’ page. “The site does not allow ads that promote the sale or use of . . .illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs,” Social media and advertising restrictions are presenting huge challenges for cannabis businesses of all kinds.