Marijuana dispensaries are starting to run into multiple challenges in Colorado and beyond. With more and more dispensaries opening up the competition is getting fierce. Whether you are providing the best customer service or have the best strains available, there is still a huge need for marketing to help get customers into the store and build a recognizable brand.

Good Chemistry is among the most advanced dispensary brand in Colorado. In late 2014 they looked to a tech and design consultancy, Duffy to rebrand marijuana and the way you buy it. The firm was one of the first to brand the effects of certain strains. Lightning bolts connote perception, creativity and pleasure for products in the “Amplify” category. “Relax” features strains that help users “unwind, connect and chill,” and is visualized using a Yin Yang symbol.

Other cannabis startups like Leafly, a company that helps consumers find the right strains and dispensaries in their area online, are thriving. Recently, Marijuana Business Daily reported online listing services are still the best way for dispensaries to get found by new users, medical marijuana patients, or seasoned consumers alike.