“Weed and yoga go together like peas and carrots,” says Kendal Norris, founder of Mason Jar Event Group. The group is a culinary, cannabis-friendly group that recently organized yet another luxe cannabis event: Yoga With a View.

And at this event, everything revolves around the cannabis – from the yoga to the menu, to the view. Kendal Norris pairs her culinary skills with her passion for cannabis, and her love of beauty and the world around us. This time, the beauty took place in a barn, filled with people in plank and downward dog poses.

The Vibes and “Feel”

What was this experience like? One attendee says, “We were breathing together. We were stoned together. We were together…Everybody was smiling, feeling good and vibing off each other.”

And it wasn’t just women in the room. It was actually a man who said this!

Yoga and Dabs

You may also be wondering what it was like to do yoga after smoking. Well imagine the combination of a post-workout high and an actual high, and that just about sums it up. An attendee said, “The after-workout high is a real thing. It also applies to yoga, of course, and it’s extra-special when combined with marijuana.”

Culinary Cannabis

But as you can imagine, after a work out and after a smoke, the whole room was starving. Luckily, this was planned for, and soon enough, everyone was passing food down the tables. Organic Greek yogurt parfait. Southwest scramble with fresh chorizo and green chiles. Vegetable frittata with spinach, asparagus and kale. Smoked cheddar grits, and even house-made bacon.


If marijuana, yoga and meditation, a great view, a positive energy and great food isn’t enough…then maybe the social aspect of the event will entice you. One attendee said, “Those 30 or 40 minutes of socializing had me wishing that my regularly scheduled weekly yoga practice in Capitol Hill was followed by chit-chat, catching up and mimosas.”


You can read more about the event and the experience, here.