Pain management is one of the most common applications of cannabis. It can help with inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, fibromyalgia, spinal injuries and even cramps. Patients have seen varying degrees of success with cannabis in treating various pain-related ailments, depending on the type of pain, the intensity, and the individual’s own physiology.

For those of you willing to try an alternative to pain medication, we have pulled some recommendations for you on what strains are best for pain. Certain cannabinoids and terpenes often have areas of “specialization,” and some simply are better for pain than others. But as previously noted, every individual’s physiology and situation is unique; so we suggest trying a few to see which works best for you.

General Pain

Many say that the hybrid, ACDC is one of the most effective at killing your pain. It has high amounts of both THC and CBD, making it a great pain medicine. It is also commonly used by chemotherapy patients.  The “mood” effects: very relaxed, pretty darn focused, uplifted and happy.

The Indica, Blackberry Kush is one of the best high-THC strains for pain. Because high CBD strains are still hard to access for many, this is a great alternative. The “mood” effects: (warning!) this strain will make you lazy and sleepy, but also very euphoric, happy, and even creative.

Inflammation and Arthritis

Usually people don’t look to sativa strains for treating pain and inflammation. But, Harlequin is an exception to that rule. It is a high CBD strain that keeps you clearheaded and light – so, it’s great for daytime medication. The “mood” effects: extremely happy and euphoric, very focused and a little burst of energy.

One of the most talked about strains in the realm of inflammation is Blue Widow. This hybrid is praised for its anti-inflammatory qualities because of its rich terpene (and caryophyllene) profile. In higher doses, it can be used to help get you to sleep. The “mood” effects: uplifting and also calming, drowsy and sleepy.

Migraines and Headaches

Purple Arrow hits the target somewhere between heavy pain relief and uplifting euphoria, making it a great choice for headache sufferers needing swift relief without the couchlock effects typical of indica varieties. This is a great hybrid strain for severe pain. Plus, it tastes as good as it feels! The “mood” effects: potent, but no over-medicated feeling, euphoria and happiness, a bit giggly.

All of the Headband hybrids are commonly described as “cerebral,” with effects that go straight to the crown of your head. The Blueberry Headband is the perfect name, as it gives you a cerebral rush, relaxed body and tastes like blueberries! The “mood” effects: happy and talkative, euphoric, but also relaxing.

Spinal Injury Pain

One of the earliest indicas of Afghanistan, Mazar I Sharif has a reputation as a relentless painkiller. It is known for its high cannabinoid contents, making it great for severe pain and potent relaxation. But beware! Overindulgence can lead to a mind-warping, narcotic effect. The “mood” effects: while leaving you lazy, you’ll also experience euphoria and hunger.

Warning! Cataract Kush is not the hybrid for the novice consumer; however, it is perfect for patients that need a strain that can expertly annihilate pain associated with spinal injuries. This is by far the best option for spinal injury pain, but it can be potent – especially because it is a “creeper,” so the high keeps on building long after you stop consuming. The “mood” effects: extremely lazy, hungry, happy and a bit sleepy – it will make you beg to shut your eyes.


As more and more women are starting to consume cannabis, finding cramp pain relief is becoming more and more important. The indica, Redwood Kush will give you tingling body effects and ease your cramps. However, this strain is best consumed during a lazy day you are planning on spending on the couch. The “mood” effects: happy and blissful, uplifted and creative, but a bit spacey.

Dynamite is another indica that blows pain and cramping out of the water. It is a high-quality and  high-THC strain that smells like grapefruit. However, it may cause an over-indulgence of food. The “mood” effects: euphoric and uplifted, hungry, tired and lazy.